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“A Story Of Hope” From Sandy McConville – Boyers, PA.

Dear friends…
This week both my mother and my close friend’s mother were given clean bills of health by their stunned doctors. Both were given absolutely terminal diagnoses last winter, both with two types of advanced cancer (colon and ovarian, and esophageal and stomach, respectively). Both had perfect bloodwork (including cancer markers, one of which dropped from 500 to 0.7) after beginning the Jason Winters Original Blend tea, but before any conventional treatment. Neither ever had one mechanical symptom of disease after beginning the tea. Both breezed through chemo and appeared cancer-free after three months. (My mother ran out of tea for a week after one month of chemo and XRT, at the end of which she could not eat for three days, could not look at food, cried and threw up constantly. We thought she was going to die, and she wanted to. She couldn’t look at food or even water, but when I brought some JW tea she drank a full cup, suddenly became hungry and ate everything I brought her. Her appetite has never diminished since, or her ability to enjoy anything she wants.)

Today after one-year look-see surgery, my friend’s mom’s doctor said, “I have never, ever, in 30 years of practice, seen a healing like this.” Not only was there no sign of cancer, but there wasn’t a scar or any other sign of previous surgery. He couldn’t find where he had removed part of her colon. He had no idea where to biopsy. He even used the word “miracle.” Her blood cancer marker is still 0.7, far below “normal,” another first for her doctor. (After only two months of conventional therapy, this doc had said, “Lady, you are looking at a cure.”)

My mother’s endoscopy this week was virtually identical. Her doctors said there was no sign she ever had cancer, no scarring from radiation: nothing. They were equally stunned. We weren’t! We knew all along they were healed. Several doctors again used the word “miracle.”

It was prayer and faith first, of course, and the miraculous tea.

I work as a medical transcriptionist, and it breaks my heart to transcribe one story after another of devastating diagnosis, sad decline and untimely death. The guilt is hard to deal with. I know about something I’m convinced would alleviate their suffering and most likely restore their health. I want to tell the world, but feel the need to be very careful to avoid getting the medical community up in arms. Our mothers’ docs knew they were drinking the tea, knew how we felt about it, nearly fell over when they examined them, but did they ask one question about the tea? No, and we didn’t offer (after their polite disinterest in the beginning, that is).

I know it’s the body that does the healing, the tea just purifies, catalyzes and fills in deficiencies…lets it do its job. I wish I could get docs to recommend it to their patients to support medical therapy. If they recommend Ensure and Boost sugar water, why not this? (Because JW isn’t lining lots of pockets?).

We did get the endorsement of my mother’s cancer center, for a time. When they saw how well my mother was doing, they actually encouraged me to bring samples and tell chemo patients about it. But the very day the patients started laughing and carrying on and talking about family and everything BUT cancer, the nurses hurried for the supervisor and the tea was banned. I could tell people about it, QUIETLY. The patients put their feet back up in their easy chairs and became silently miserable again. And most stopped drinking the tea, because the message from The Medical Establishment was clear. In fairness, it’s not so much the individuals as the system they must work within, but it’s still disappointing. We joked about getting banished from chemo for trying to lighten things up: “We’ll just sent mum downtown with a sandwich sign that says ‘Kicked out of chemo’ on the front, and on the back “Will work for Jason Winters Tea.’ ”

Anyway, you surely hear miracle stories all the time, but this is new to us. We have been spreading the word quite a bit, and there are many others in the works. Like a 4-year-old boy who for a year failed every medical therapy for a highly resistant leukemia (including marrow transplant, platelet transfusions, chemo and experimental drugs that gave him screaming nightmares), but got out of his death bed and started running around and playing, had a normal blood count (white cells from 45,000 down to 14,000) and was learning to wind surf after 3 days of tea (not “cured” yet, but doing better every day). Anyone who finds this hard to swallow should imagine witnessing it themselves. It’s still hard for us to believe, but there it is.

One more that might actually surprise you. Three months ago I took home a stray cat who was starving and clearly dying, turned out to have feline leukemia. I decided to make his last days comfortable. My daughter said, “Why not try the tea?” Didn’t know what it would do in a cat’s system, but what did we have to lose? So I made homemade cat food with the tea. “Parker” has gone from all bones, hair falling out, third eyelid showing, every lymph node grotesquely swollen, unable to stand up, in fact…to apparently perfect, robust health. Every day he shows me how much he is improving by how many stair steps he can clear (you would swear he knew what he was doing). Today, three months later, he cleared six steps in one leap and climbed a tree. I’m planning to have him tested again for leukemia soon. If he is negative, you will be the first to know!

Our network of tea drinking survivors is growing daily. One young lady I work with is planning to fly it to her father in Cameroon, who is suffering from prostate cancer. We will keep you posted!

God bless you all, and our deepest, most heartfelt thanks. You are permanently in our prayers.

Sandy McConville Boyers, PA, USA

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