Sir Jason’s Awards, Achievements & Recognition

  • Received an Award of Merit from The United States Congress
  • Has won awards from 7 different governments
  • Given Medal of Honor in Madrid
  • Made the Laureate of The Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa
  • He is a two time recipient of the prestigious Dr. Albert Schweitzer Award
  • Was knighted in Malta as a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John, to which Her Majesty the Queen and the Pope belong
  • Received titles: Knight of Grace, Knight Grand Cross of Grace, Grand Samaritan of the Order
  • Became the president of the World Federation of Integrated Medicine, formed in consultation with HRH Prince Charles
  • His formulas have been mentioned by dozens of authors and featured in over 100 health magazines worldwide
  • Has Over 13 million books in print
  • His products are available in over 70 countries and trusted by people worldwide
  • Seen on national television and heard on radio’s Voice of America, BBC TV in London, Bombay Radio, Philippine TV and radio and newspapers around the world
  • His Herbal Tea received Japan’s much coveted “Kosei Sho” Mark of Approval

U.S Congress Honors Sir Jason Winters


Congressman James H. Bilbray (D-Nevada), together with Congressman Richard A. Gephardt (D-Missouri), are honoring Sir Jason Winters by a Special Congressional Recognition Certificate for meritorious service.

Sir F.R Jason Winters
Jason Winters
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