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Georgina Bruni
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May, 2000
25 years ago British born Jason Winters, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and sent home to die. Devastated at the news and with only two months to live, he did what many people in his situation do, he turned to faith. Whilst reading religious books he discovered that in the Bible, a herb for medicine was mentioned 27 times. Anxious to know what the herb was, he contacted Lord Coggan, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who informed Jason that it was probably red clover, which had been used for centuries to purify the blood. He also read that Buddha had stated that herbalene could help with tumours, and he was surprised to learn that they were aware of cancers more than 2,500 years ago. He already knew of a herb called Chaparral which is used by the Native American Indians for purifying the blood, and in his last days he decided to try to save himself using these ancient remedies.

Propped up by two of his sons he managed to travel to Singapore in order to find herbalene, where he brewed and drank it in large quantities, but alas it did not seem to help. From Singapore he travelled to London to find red clover, but again he was disappointed when the remedy did not have any affect. As a last resort he went to the Arizona desert to find Chaparral, but it made no obvious difference either.

However, he was not one to give up and during the ensuing days he continued to brew the different herbs, each time washing the pot after every brew, and whilst he did not get any better, he did not get any worse. Then one day, when he was too weak to brew each herb individually, he threw them all in the pot together, and a miracle happened.

Immediately, he felt the life flowing back into his body and for the next few weeks he drank a gallon of the mixture daily. Within nine weeks the tumour had completely disappeared, and the medical staff at the clinic where he was being treated were in awe at his thrift recovery.

News of his recovery soon attracted the local Press and an article found hundreds of people lining up outside his home wanting to know more about the herbs. Jason realised that he could not disappoint these sick people and innocently began to buy supplies to feed the needy, but the Canadian government have laws against importing certain herbal remedies and in fact Chaparral is banned in that country. So they raided his home and confiscated his herbs, thus disappointing many. Jason was financially insecure after spending his savings on searching for the herbs, but a group of people who had benefited from them, helped set him up in Paradise Island in the Bahamas, where he was able to import the herbs to make his special blend of tea.

On 5 August 1978 Scottish oncologist Dr Ian Pierce, wrote a report about Jason’s herbs and his recovery to the British Medical Association. Dr Pierce explained that he had tested the herbs and they were safe and produced no side effects. He stressed that they are not a cure, but that they purify the blood to such an extent that the natural immune system begins to work enabling the body to heal itself.

HRH Prince Charles, himself a user of alternative medicine, told Jason, “Go out into the world and be a peacemaker.” In 1995 Jason was knighted in Malta as a Knight of Grace the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem. HM the Queen and the Pope are also members of this ancient order. He has since received the US Congressional Certificate of Meritorious Service and the Medal of Honour in Madrid. Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa have named him a Dean Laureate.

Accompanied by an intensive juice diet and a stress reducing plan, the cancer was eliminated within 3 weeks – there were no traces remaining. One of the other exciting results of the plan was that at the end of the three weeks (yes! only three weeks – we all still find that amazing) Kerri’s hair, skin, eyes and general appearance was the best it had been for years – she looked fantastic! She was radiant! The plan continues and Sir Jason Winters tea is always at hand. Kerri continues to look gorgeous and feel great. She also continues to run her business. She is a vibrant and awesome woman!

Having heard the story, my partner and I tracked down Sir Jason Winters Tea and have added it to our lifestyle. We love the taste – it’s refreshing, soothing and clean. You can feel the tea working on balancing your body – it’s truly amazing. In addition to enjoying the health benefits of Sir Jason Winters Tea, we regularly recommend it to others. I told my sister about your products and how brilliant they are for everyday use. Sir Jason Winters Tea is not just for people suffering with chronic illness. Making Sir Jason Winters Tea part of your life – part of every day – I feel that you reduce the chances of ever contracting a serious illness. You optimize your health based on all else that your lifestyle comprises.

Thank you for all that you do for all the people who have been introduced to your products. It is very inspirational and a pleasure to be able to share it with others and more people need to know about your services and the information you provide.

I look forward to growing and continuing my association with you and your products for a very long time.

Two months ago my brother in law Terry was diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer, and the doctors told him to go home and put his finances in order. I managed to find Jason Winters Special Tea and asked Terry to drink at least six cups a day. Within one week, a tube that had been inserted into his bowel came loose and the doctors suggested that the tumour might be shrinking. A few days later it fell out. Following an examination the doctor was supposed to contact Terry later that day with the results, but it was almost two weeks before they returned his calls. I suggested they were probably baffled. Meanwhile he continued to put on weight and within 3 weeks he had regained 7lbs and was feeling so well he was out with his family enjoying the pleasures of life again. It’s been seven weeks now and Terry is still drinking the herb and still doing well. A week ago the doctor told him, “it looks very promising”, and a few days later Terry thought the tumour from the bowel had come out of his body! We are all very positive and hope that he continues to drink the special tea and completely recovers. I should point out that Terry is also undergoing chemotherapy. However, he only had one session when he started drinking the tea, and he felt terrible after the treatment. He has still not finished his chemo but now the sessions don’t bother him because he eats spoonfuls of pure honey after each one (a Jason Winters tip).

Sir Jason Winters, now an attractive, active and healthy 69-year-old, lives with his wife and two young sons in the Philippines. He is the father of nine children.

Recommended reading is the story of Jason Winters fight against cancer, an inspiration for everyone. “Killing Cancer” can be ordered from his website here: Klling Cancer Book

You can also purchase the special tea, and other amazing products from the site. The tea is available in England at £6.95 a packet of 30 from Revital, who have a mail order service: call 0800 252 875 or visit their London stores at 35 High Road, Willesden, NW10 or 3a The Colonnades, Buckingham Palace Rd, SW1.

You don’t need to be ill to drink the tea, in fact our bodies are so polluted that we all need something to purify our blood. I now drink 2-3 cups a day and feel great! One tea bag can make 2 cups of tea.

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