Jason Winter Editorial

Are You Sick, Tired and Confused about the Medical Profession, Natural Health Field, and Drug Companies? Well, So am! Yes, I too am sick and tired of all the ridiculous things that are taking place in the health field today.

By Sir Jason Winters, President, Federation of Integrated Medicine.

The medical Profession

When a person decides to become a Doctor, they usually expect to help people, make a good living and enjoy life. Here is what really happens! Their office is always full of patients. They are so busy that you have to sometimes make an appointment weeks in advance. The doctor often sees sixty to seventy patients each day, trying to stay alert and often making life and death decisions. Then, as if this were not enough, they have to keep up to date on all the dozens of new drugs that are developed each month. They must be aware of the new drugs benefits and interactions with other drugs, as well as the new drug’s possible side effects.

The Drug Companies

Now a days, the drug companies don’t want to wait for the doctors to suggest a certain drug to a patient. They take full page advertisements out in major magazines stating “Ask your doctor about this drug today.” The patient goes to their doctor and asks for the new prescription drug. If the doctor feels that the drug is not suitable for this particular patient, the patient leaves, quite unhappy and looks for a doctor that will prescribe the new drug. So if your doctor looks stressed and tired, there is good reason for it. According to US News and World Report, 400 people a day die due to the side effects of prescription medicines.

The Natural Health Field (Integrated Medicine)

When I became involved with natural therapies in order to save my own life, I had no idea what I was getting into. By accident, I put together what was to become the worlds top selling herbal combination. Twenty Two years later I was appointed President of the Federation of Integrated Medicine. My job, to get all the healing arts to work together for the benefit of mankind.

Fat Chance!

Although I had won awards from seven foreign governments and one from the United States Congress, No one in a position of power would take me seriously when I suggested that all the healing arts unite, as has been done in many other countries.

Here’s Why

An herb or vitamin company studies and researches a new natural product. The new product benefits people so the company markets the product. Soon, four hundred other companies bring out the same product , calling theirs “Improved, Astounding and A Breakthrough.” Companies that don’t even know what they are doing. Recently, on many national news programs it was announced that upon testing these products, many lacked a large percentage of the active ingredient that was advertiesed and some contained non at all!


Every health magazine in North America, (and there seem to be hundreds of them) carry page after page of new, remarkable, astounding and earth shattering new products, cure alls that very seldom work. Photo’s of paid models are shown smiling and stating how wonderful they feel….people that have never even tried the so called fantastic products. The public is disappointed, depressed and really do not know who to believe or where to turn.

Singapore Rejects Certain Products and Won’t Allow Them in the Country

A large order of so called marvelous products that were sent to Singapore were rejected by the government when they found that the items lacked the listed ingredients necessary for effectiveness.

Asia And Europe

As President of the Federation of Integrated Medicine, my job is quite simple in Asia and Europe, where medical doctors and complimentary practitioners are quite willing to test, then prescribe nutrition, reflexology, acupuncture and positive thinking. Not so in North America, however. Every time a fly by night organization is mentioned on the news, (which is quite often) It hurts all of the authentic, dedicated people in the alternative health field. This makes my job more difficult. Have you any idea how many people in the USA claim that they can cure everything? Look at how many books are written claiming they can cure all disease or stating that they have never met a warthog with cancer. One Congressman smirked when he asked me “how many wart hogs has this author met anyway”?

My Fourmula

My formula was validated to me by the Arch bishop of Canterbury’s interpretation of the Biblical, from Buddhist writings and from the Native American Indians. Also, with the help of HRH prince Charles, Dr. Ian Pierce MD and many others. Also it was with great pleasure when I read the United States Surgeon Generals report on antioxidants.

In spite of all this, if anyone that is even associated with our products, anywhere in the world even mentions the word CURE they would be terminated at once. We prefer to let the public decide for themselves, once trying the formula.

Billion Spent On Research

With billions being spent on research, is it any wonder that Washington laughs at the ridiculous people who claim to cure everything and whom upon investigation can show no expertise or success rate?

So, the qualified professions in the Natural Health Field suffer. Some of the most wonderful people I have ever met are in the alternative health and nutrition field. People dedicated in helping other people. These are the ones that need to be protected and assisted in their life’s work.

Preying on the Aged

A sixty year old man whom lives in San Diego received a brochure from a company on the east coast. It promised him sizzling sex. Although he can’t really afford it, he sends in the ninety five dollars and soon gets a bottle of pills in the mail. They do not work! Strangely enough, next month he receives a letter from a company in the Midwest telling him to forget about the things he has tried before. This company has the answer to his erectile disfunction. He sends away seventy five dollars and soon receives a bottle of capsules. They do not work. Next month he receives an embarrassing brochure with his name on it, right next to the big red letters “no more erectile disfunction “ for all the world to see. He spends more money anyway to this third company. The pills do not work. What happened is that the first company sold him junk. Not satisfied with making a profit, they also sold his name to a second company, along with thousands of other names.

This Is Big Money

Thousands of men , desperate to be happy and regain a sex drive, are being fleeced daily.

There Is Still Hope

Many natural products are wonderful and are given to hospital patients around the world. Prince Charles started a foundation in England to test complimentary medicines, and has had great success.

His foundation has brochures showing photographs and names of people benefiting greatly from being able to take advantage of all the healing arts working together for the benefit of mankind.

A similar organization was quickly formed (with special permission) to encompass the rest of the world and we owe thanks to His Royal Highness for spearheading such an idea. Recently, the president, Sir Jason Winters flew to Manila, in the Philippines to appoint the remarkable Ms. Shirley Kie Urera as the ambassador for that country. Another trip to Singapore was needed to appoint another outstanding individual to the post of ambassader for Singapore, Madam Siet Luke Lian. Both of these ladies have devoted their lives to healing and to the betterment of their country’s citizens. Other appointments are already being considered for Hong Kong, Indonesia, Russia, Australia, Canada, India and Greece.

In Answer To Your Questions About Religion

Many people call while I am doing my radio shows to ask me about different religions. I always tell them this story:

When I mentioned Buddha during a lecture at a Catholic church, a couple of people stood up and said that I must not be a true Christian if I talked about Buddhism. Yet our religion is the only one that states “Judge Not, Lest Ye May Also Be Judged.” When in India, I often mentioned Jesus and all the Buddhists were happy and applauded.

The way I look at it is this: We know that there is a God because this universe could not function or have even come into being without an intelligent force and guiding hand. We also have proof that a man named Jesus walked the earth. The stories and facts about him make it impossible not to believe. Yet, if you go into any bookstore or library you will find hundreds of books about religion. Quite often, five hundred pages where the author explains every fact of the Bible (his interpretation, of course).

I tell you this: You know there is a God and you know there is Jesus. The Ten Commandments, spoken about by Jesus and Moses, tell us to live good lives. They do not ask us to do anything bad. Do you disagree with the commandment, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You?” or, “Do Not Covet Your Neighbor’s Wife?” Of course not! The Ten Commandments are a structure for our life and keeping them will only bring happiness.

So I say this to you: As you go through life, bask in the warmth of God’s love. Rejoice in the teachings of Jesus. This is all that you need. Relax, enjoy your life and don’t worry about the many books that explain religion. With all the strain and stress in this life, why don’t we just wait until we get into Heaven, then ask the big boss all the questions. And remember, even the most brilliant scientists cannot grasp the enormous intelligence that it took to create a simple ant, let alone this complex universe.

Love & Light, Sir Jason Winters K.G.S.J.