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donnaIn early 2002, a dear friend and work associate was diagnosed with cancer for a second time in 12 months. The cancer had gone into remission after a change in lifestyle after the first diagnosis. Once the diagnosis hit home, some serious changes were required and a plan was put into action. A part of the plan, or rather a key element of the plan, was Sir Jason Winters Tea – the original herbal blend.

Accompanied by an intensive juice diet and a stress reducing plan, the cancer was eliminated within 3 weeks – there were no traces remaining. One of the other exciting results of the plan was that at the end of the three weeks (yes! only three weeks – we all still find that amazing) Kerri’s hair, skin, eyes and general appearance was the best it had been for years – she looked fantastic! She was radiant! The plan continues and Sir Jason Winters tea is always at hand. Kerri continues to look gorgeous and feel great. She also continues to run her business. She is a vibrant and awesome woman!

Having heard the story, my partner and I tracked down Sir Jason Winters Tea and have added it to our lifestyle. We love the taste – it’s refreshing, soothing and clean. You can feel the tea working on balancing your body – it’s truly amazing. In addition to enjoying the health benefits of Sir Jason Winters Tea, we regularly recommend it to others. I told my sister about your products and how brilliant they are for everyday use. Sir Jason Winters Tea is not just for people suffering with chronic illness. Making Sir Jason Winters Tea part of your life – part of every day – I feel that you reduce the chances of ever contracting a serious illness. You optimize your health based on all else that your lifestyle comprises.

Thank you for all that you do for all the people who have been introduced to your products. It is very inspirational and a pleasure to be able to share it with others and more people need to know about your services and the information you provide.

I look forward to growing and continuing my association with you and your products for a very long time.

More About Donna Willett…

Donna Willett is the Business Director for OZ SOLUTIONS. OZ SOLUTIONS is a key player in Tourism, Retail and Hospitality, with major activities including supply of key speaking positions, presentations, products, services and advice. The team is noted for the fact that it excels in the field of concept creation and implementation with an innovative and entrepreneurial edge on concepts that work and concepts that are profitable. In addition, OZ SOLUTIONS presentations are noted for being challenging with participants prompted to think and interact. We are excited about global involvement and the development of clusters and associated environments that work on a 24/7 philosophy. The OZ SOLUTIONS approach is wholistic – we ensure that the interpretation of the brief is consistent across all disciplines within projects and that the final product meets or exceeds expectations. A tour of the website at is worthwhile for a sample selection of OZ SOLUTIONS activities and projects. Key clients include ACCOR Asia Pacific Corporation, FPD SAVILLS BYVAN, AMP Henderson Global Investment Limited, Tourism Queensland, and the Macquarie Leisure Trust.

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