Customer Stories – Debra L.

“A Story Of Hope” From Debra L. In Oakland, Oregon.

Debra recently sent us a letter stating how happy she was to finally thank Sir Jason Winters. She told us her step father’s daughter Gwen, who was just a little girl back in the 80’s, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only a very short time to live. She had gone through all the usual avenues for help (such as chemotherapy) and test after test she had lost all of her beautiful hair and had to wear a wig to school. The doctors had removed all her re-productive organs, as they were infested with cancer. She now had no opportunity to give birth when she grew up and married, but she still had cancer. The doctors had completely given up and told her to prepare to die. Not an easy thing for anyone to accept, especially a young girl.
A few years prior to this, Debra and her natural mother and father had been drinking the Jason Winters Classic Blend Tea for years, simply because it tasted great and it was good for them. All of them had also read Sir Jason’s book, Killing Cancer. When Gwen became ill, they told her father Felix of Sir Jason’s personal story.

By this point, Felix had nearly given up all hope, as the doctors had told him there was nothing more they could do. Still, his little girl went in regularly for her chemotherapy. Felix agreed to have Gwen try the Jason Winters Tea & Colon Cleanser. This was done faithfully & within a short period of time the cancer was completely GONE !!!

None of the doctors understood this and to this day they call little Gwen a miracle. Debra ended her letter by saying,”It has been several years now & Gwen is still Cancer-Free. I never got the chance to thank you Sir Jason. We still drink the tea to this day and always will!”

Sir Jason thanks you Debra for your kind letter and wishes you, Gwen and the entire family good health and happiness for years to come.
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