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What is Cancer?

What is Cancer? 

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Approximately one-half of all men and one-third of all women will develop some form of cancer within their lifetime. Currently, scientists have discovered over 100 different types of Cancer. No matter which form of Cancer someone may face, it’s the one diagnosis no patient ever wants to hear from their doctor. 

Understandably, for many, the immediate reaction may be fear. For others, their response is one of determination to do everything possible to beat the disease.

Cancer Defined

So what is Cancer exactly? By definition, cancer is a disease in which some cells within the body grow at an uncontrollable rate and can spread throughout the body. Cancer can begin anywhere in the body and can develop when the normal process of cell division – when new cells are formed, they grow old, become damaged, and eventually die – somehow doesn’t happen. The damaged cells continue to grow and multiply and can form tumors. Some of these tumors can be benign or noncancerous, while others turn out to be cancerous and can spread.

The process in which Cancer spreads and forms new tumors is called metastasis. Cancer found within the blood, sometimes known as leukemias, rarely forms tumors.

Unlike active cancer cells, cancers that form benign tumors do not spread to other areas. They can, however, become large. Benign tumors are not life-threatening, except in cases where their growth affects other parts of the body, like cutting off the blood supply.

How Does Cancer Start?

Nearly all cancers are caused when abnormal cells begin to grow out of control. However, every cancer patient has different circumstances of both the disease and course of treatment involved. Metabolism, pre-existing conditions, and even genetics can play a crucial role in how Cancer will act and its treatment. 

Some women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, for example, may find that their genetics show a mutation or even an absence that makes them more predisposed than other women toward developing the disease. 

The types of genes that contribute toward the development of cancer fall into three categories. These are proto-oncogenes, DNA repair genes, and tumor suppressor genes. 

Both proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes will control the growth and division of cells. However, if they are damaged or abnormal, they can grow at a more rapid rate. DNA repair genes work to do precisely what their name implies. Damage to them can develop additional mutations in other genes and even within the chromosomes. These changes may cause the cells to become cancerous.

Risk Factors

Having one or more factors for cancer doesn’t necessarily mean that you will ever develop the disease. Even if it is found that someone has one or more risk factors, they may remain cancer-free their whole life. Knowing some of the factors can help you catch cancer early with the help of your doctor. Depending on the cancer, there are different risk factors involved. 

  • Breast Cancer – This form of cancer can develop in women and men. Risk factors include age, hormone levels, number of pregnancies, alcohol consumption, obesity, and genetics can present risk factors for this form of cancer. Regular mammograms and breast self-examination are vital in catching breast cancer early.
  • Colorectal Cancer – Adults over the age of 45 are more prone to develop this form of cancer. Risk factors include lack of exercise, diets that are low in fruits and vegetables with low fiber and high fat, obesity, alcohol, and tobacco use, a history of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, and genetics are all risk factors. Regular screening and eating a plant-based or Mediterranean-style diet can help lessen risk factors.
  • Cervical Cancer – One of the most common risk factors for cervical cancer is when someone has been infected with the human papillomavirus or HPV. Other risk factors include sexual history, smoking, a weakened immune system, long-term use of oral birth control or an IUD, pregnancies, diet, and genetic conditions. HPV can also pose additional potential risk factors in the development of ovarian cancer too. It is especially important for women to get a regular pap smear with their doctor to aid in early detection and successful treatment of this form of cancer.

Cancer can also develop due to environmental factors as well. For those who have worked in factories, construction, or armed services, exposure to certain chemicals can make a person more predisposed to developing various forms of cancer. Even unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can cause it.

  • Skin Cancer – This type of cancer is usually caused when skin is exposed to solar radiation or UV rays. This can cause skin cells to grow abnormally. Skin cancer can also occur in areas of the skin that are not exposed to sunlight too. You can reduce your chance of getting it by limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing and/or sunscreen, and checking your skin for any changes in your skin, e.g., if a mole suddenly appears or becomes larger. 
  • Lung Cancer – This form of cancer is the third most common in the United States. Scientists and physicians have found that smoking and secondhand smoke are the most significant contributing factors for developing lung cancer. The best way to prevent this disease is to quit smoking and avoid being around those who do as much as possible.

Sir Jason Winters’s Own Story


In 1977, our founder, Sir Jason Winters, faced terminal cancer and was given just 3 months to live. Rather than opt for radical surgery that would have left him severely disabled by removing half of his tongue and little chance of survival, he took the time he had to search the world for other approaches to help with his cancer. 

Sir Jason found that there were several herbs from all over the world that he was told could possibly help him gain more time or maybe even stave off cancer in his body.

The first herb he encountered was Herbalene, our Special Spice, he found in Singapore. He then went to the deserts of Arizona and spoke to Native Americans that he worked within the film industry about chaparral and sage. After consulting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, he found red clover may have additional health benefits. Sir Jason tried an infusion of each herb alone, with good results.  

It was actually by accident that Sir Jason ended up combining all three herbs into a tea. When he did this, he felt the synergy between the herbs immediately. Months later, Sir Jason saw his doctors again, and they could find no sign of cancer!

Others who had been diagnosed with cancer heard Sir Jason’s story and wanted to give it a try. Many people stated they experienced wonderful results while drinking the tea. After a series of articles in alternative health magazines, Sir Jason Winters’s tea blend took off worldwide.  

Of course, we would never make claims that our products can cure cancer, but there is no denying that herbs and teas have been used to help humans live a healthier life.


Please note that all information provided on this blog is not intended to recommend, diagnose or treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition or to replace the advice of a qualified doctor or other healthcare professional. Before consuming any tea or dietary supplement, please consult with your doctor.


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