Tea Accessories

Tea Accessories

Whether you are a new convert or a long-time tea lover, it is important to have the right tools to brew and enjoy it. Brewing a cup of tea doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. It doesn’t take much to put a teabag into a cup of boiling hot water, let it steep, and drink it. But there’s something about using or even just collecting tea accessories that elevate the experience.  

If you go to a specialty tea shop or shop online, you will find a host of teapots, infusion balls, lemon squeezers, and cups and saucers. In no time, you might even find yourself addicted to collecting all the accouterments related to tea. 

Here are some ideas of some things you can give as a gift to yourself or your favorite tea lover to improve their tea drinking experience.


Tea Cups and Mugs

It’s comforting to drink our favorite beverage out of a favorite cup or mug as a ritual every morning, afternoon, or evening. When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing like savoring the warmth of that hot cup between your hands. 

Author of “The Everything Healthy Tea Book,” Babette Donaldson advises that the more you get involved with tea, don’t be surprised if you begin to collect teaware and get tempted to practice all the many ways to prepare and serve it. 

Some people show their love of tea by collecting antique teacups and saucers, while others love having a shelf full of tea mugs with catchy sayings or those that are made by hand by local artists. 

Tea Pots 

One of the most popular things that tea lovers collect is teapots. There’s an endless array of different styles and configurations of teapots that can be found almost anywhere. Serving tea in an attractive teapot with a matching service can be both whimsical and fun. A teapot can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. Some people even collect teapots for each type of tea they drink! 

Here at Jason Winters International, we also offer our own line of teapots. Our two-cup Hampton classically styled ceramic teapot is excellent to use every day. Regularly priced at $9.95, it’s available at just $7.95. We also have our 4-cup Acopa bright white porcelain teapot if you’re serving up a small tea party. Classically styled, it resembles the teapots used at many restaurants and holds 32 ounces of either coffee or tea. Regularly priced at $26.50 is now available for the low price of $16.50. You save $10!

Tea Press

Most commonly used to serve coffee, the French Press is also one of the most efficient ways to serve tea, too. Simply place the desired amount of tea into the glass chamber of the vessel and pour hot water over the top of the tea leaves or herbs. The lid contains a plunger with a series of screens that move the tea leaves or herb matter out of the way so you can enjoy your cup of tea without having to strain it.  

One caveat that tea and coffee drinkers who use a press recommend is not to use your tea press to brew coffee and vice versa. The flavors can mix unpleasantly. Use a separate French press for each.

We are currently offering our Acopa glass and stainless steel French press, normally priced at $30.00 now at the low price of $17.95. It’s the perfect gift for steeping your tea or coffee and is a breeze to clean.

Tea Balls

Tea balls, also known as tea eggs, are small perforated metal containers large enough to hold dry tea. Like teapots and tea mugs, tea balls are available in several sizes and configurations. A chain suspends the t-ball in hot water and is used to lift out the tea leaves when the tea has reached its proper level of steeping. 

When using a tea ball, it’s important to ensure that there is enough room for the tea leaves to expand. The expansion allows for the best flavor to be extracted from the tea leaves.Our three-inch stainless steel tea ball infuser allows enough room for you to steep the aromatic flavors of your tea into each cup. It’s designed for easy filling and allows for maximum flavor through its mesh design. 

This tea ball is more environmentally friendly than using bags because you can use it over and over again. Simply fill it with a teaspoon or two of tea and allow it to steep to the desired strength. Regularly priced at $4/50, it is now available for $3.50 through our online store.

Tea Strainers

Another effective way to strain tea leaves out of your tea is by using a wire mesh tea strainer. A tea strainer can be made from several materials, including bamboo porcelain or even stainless steel. Tea strainers typically sit across the rim of the cup as the tea is poured, effectively separating the loose tea leaves from the tea itself.

We have on offer our stainless steel fine mesh tea strainer in our online shop. Our tea strainer measures 8″ long with the handle and features a 3″ round mesh basket to catch the tea leaves when it’s placed over your cup. Regularly priced at $6.50 each, it is now on sale for just $4.50.

Tea Sacs and Filter Bags

There’s no denying that using a tea bag for a cup of tea is very convenient. You can brew your tea and set it aside with a tea bag holder and use it again, or simply throw it away when the bag has been “spent.”   

Tea drinkers who want to take advantage of the taste of loose leaf tea may want a product that cuts down on waste. One way to accomplish this is by using a biodegradable tea sac or filter bag, and can even be put in the compost bin.

At Sir Jason Winters International, we have the perfect solution. Our T-Sac tea filter bags come in  1 cup, 2-4 cup, and 3-8 cup sizes. Each package includes 100 biodegradable loose leaf tea filter bags and is regularly priced at $8.50, but is now on sale for just $7.50.

Tea is important for health, but how you serve it can add to the experience and ease of taking the best beverage on the planet. Take your tea experience to the next level with these accessories.


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