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What Makes A Quality Multivitamin?

You already know how important maintaining your health is. Health is the greatest wealth. One way many people make a deposit in their health account is by taking a daily multivitamin.

We’re long past the days where we thought a multivitamin would replace food in our diets. Instead, a good multivitamin fills in the gaps in our diet caused by improper eating or poor lifestyle habits. If you eat a healthy and varied diet, exercise regularly, and sleep well, adding a multivitamin is an insurance.

There’s a vast ocean of multivitamins out there on the market. It’s almost overwhelming to know how to choose one. Science and regulatory bodies have not provided a standardized formula for multivitamins, but we have a few opinions on what makes a quality multivitamin blend.

What Are Vitamins?

A quick review from the health class is in order. Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients our bodies need to function. Fats, protein, and carbohydrates are fuel. They’re macronutrients.

To use a car analogy, macronutrients are fuel and oil. Vitamins and minerals are all the other fluids, special lubricants, and other things you need to make the car run right.

Our knowledge of vitamins is still quite new. Vitamin A was discovered in 1913. Since then, science has found several vitamins we need for our health to thrive. A multivitamin blend lets us top off the tank, so to speak, of these vital compounds.

Reasons to take a multivitamin

Even if you eat nutritious food, it’s likely you’re lacking in something. We use many of the vitamins for repairing damage to the body. Once you reach the age of 40, you need more nutrition to keep up with aging. Chronic health issues can also require higher doses of vitamins. 

Clinical studies have shown that taking a high-quality multivitamin may reduce the development of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer. Their physician may advise those currently under treatment for various types of cancers to take a multivitamin to stay as healthy as possible. 

Furthermore, there are worrying studies that show that plants are getting less nutritious. There are several theories about this, from excess carbon dioxide to the effects of factory farming. If these studies are right and trends continue, eating the standard healthy diet may not be enough.

Can taking a multivitamin put my health at risk?

Too much of anything – even those things which are supposed to be good for us, can end up being a bad thing. Taking too much of any vitamin supplement can have a detrimental effect on health. How do you avoid making a mistake with vitamins?

  • Avoid overdoing it with megadoses – High doses of certain vitamins can end up causing health problems, and sometimes, can even be toxic. Overdosing on Vitamins A, D, E, or K are especially dangerous. It’s best to stick to a multivitamin that provides as close to 100% of the recommended daily requirement unless told otherwise by your doctor. 
  • Check the Expiration Date – The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires a best by or expiration date on all health supplements and vitamins. This date reflects the maximum efficacy of what you are taking.
  • Discuss your current state of health with your doctor – Before taking vitamins or any health supplement, we always recommend speaking with your doctor or other healthcare professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications for a chronic health issue, certain minerals or other ingredients may be contraindicated. 
  • Avoid taking your multivitamin with milk or dairy products – The calcium in milk and other dairy products can slow your body’s ability to absorb certain ingredients within multivitamins. It is also a good idea not to take your multivitamin after taking an antacid or with other calcium supplements. 

Are there any side effects?

Most people will not experience any side effects when taking a multivitamin. Some side effects that can occur include an upset stomach, headache, or an unpleasant or unusual aftertaste. 

If you notice any allergic reaction, such as hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling, after taking a multivitamin, discontinue using it and seek medical attention immediately.

sir jason winters multivitamin supplement

Signs of a quality multivitamin

At Sir Jason Winters, we think that any multivitamin that claims to be one a day may not be enough, depending on the nutritional intake you get from your diet. Some vitamins, like B and C, are used up within hours of taking them. That’s why we’ve balanced the nutrient amounts in Sir Jason Winters Multivitamin & Mineral Formula to be taken anywhere from 1-3 times a day safely. If you take one consistently, your body will have constant access to what it needs to grow your health, repair damage, and improve your vitality.

Another thing we do is take a food-based approach to our multivitamins. Science discovered vitamins, but taking synthetic vitamins isn’t the best option. Our bodies are designed to get nutrition from food, not labs.

Our blend contains food-derived vitamins and minerals along with a complete food-based complex including fruit and vegetable blends and spirulina. Also included are powerful antioxidants such as green tea, grape seed, and red raspberry, along with an impressive list of herbs and enzymes.

Each 90 tablet bottle is regularly priced at $24.95; however, right now, we are offering it to our customers at tremendous savings at just $12.75 per bottle. That’s almost half off our regular price! 

If you are interested in an additional 5% savings for your vitamins, we also offer our convenient subscription service. Have your Sir Jason Winters products delivered straight from us and safely to your door every two weeks or once per month. With a deal this good, however, we have to limit quantities to just five per subscription.

If you are thinking of a gift for that special someone but don’t quite know which of our products is best, Sir Jason Winters offers eGift cards in any denomination you wish. Just provide us with their name, email address, and your payment information, and we will deliver it to them whenever you wish.


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