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Tribalene and Good Health

When Sir Jason Winters was first diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer in 1977, he refused to accept that there was little to nothing he could do about it. Refusing to accept the grim prognosis from his doctors, Sir Jason began researching some of the world’s oldest traditional remedies. 

It was during that period of research and interacting with traditional healers from around the world, three herbs emerged as being consistent toward helping to regain his health and push his cancer into remission.

Because of his success, others who were suffering from cancer and other health issues sought out Sir Jason for information on how they could help themselves. 

Those herbs became the foundation of what was to be Sir Jason Winter’s Teas and our Tribalene formula. Let’s look at the goodness of each of these powerful herbs in turn.

Red Clover

Red Clover, which is known by its botanical name, Trifolium praetense, is a member of the legume family. With its sweet-smelling red flowers, this common herb can be found growing in fields around the world, though it originated in Asia. Over the centuries, it migrated West. 

For centuries, red clover has been traditionally regarded by herbalists and traditional healers worldwide as a blood purifier and detoxifier. These are just some of the reasons Sir Jason included this powerful, tonifying herb as an essential constituent in our herbal teas and both of our Tribalene tablet formulas.

Indian Sage

Almost everyone knows of sage as a spice in cooking stews, soups, and meats. Sage or Salvia officianalis is excellent when added to teas and other beverages. Sage has been used since ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times for cooking and medicinally to help reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, and aid in digestion. Today, it is widely believed that sage contains powerful antioxidants that can promote good health both inside and out. Sir Jason also believed that sage possessed many of the important qualities he was looking for in his own health, and he included Indian sage in many of the products that we offer.


Through his research to find powerful herbs that could help his health, Sir Jason Winters found that Indigenous people living in the desert Southwest and in Mexico used a specific herb on an almost daily basis. Chaparral (Laurea tridentata). 

Traditional Native American healers and folkloric herbalists used the ancient chaparral plant to help shorten the duration of cold and flu and address many other health issues. These health issues may range from distress in the digestive and intestinal tract to painful menstruation and chronic skin irritation.

In the book, “The Sir Jason Winters Story: Killing Cancer”, it is written that the seeds and aerial parts of the chaparral plant contained a substance known as NDGA or Nordihydroguaiaretic acid. After noting that plants near areas used to test nuclear weapons contained NDGA and that this substance helped protect the plant and the animals that fed on it from many of the effects of radiation. Several research studies were conducted on chaparral over several decades. The research scientists saw that the NDGA in the chaparral plant seemed to extend life in the research animals and had the potential to deliver the same benefits in humans.

Herbalene or Special Spice

During his quest to improve his health, Sir Jason also found what he was looking for in the writings used in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. These herbs are a part of a stimulating and adaptogenic formula known in ancient texts as Fu Jeng. Fu Jeng acts to normalize the various systems within the human body. Studies conducted on this formula found that it actually increased the strength of the other herbs that it was added to by as much as 27 times. Sir Jason Winters later came to call this combination Herbalene or Special Spice.


It’s hard to imagine that a common food herb like cayenne pepper or Capsicum annum is also an effective healing herb in its own right. Herbalists and traditional healers in the Americas and later throughout the world realized that cayenne added heat to foods and medicines and served to relieve pain. Cayenne acts as a sort of activator for the systems within the body so that other herbs in an herbal formula could be more effectively utilized. 

Tribalene Daily Tablets

Each tablet in both of our Tribalene formulas contains the very same herbs found in our Sir Jason Winters herbal teas, with Cayenne added. If you don’t have the time to sit down for a relaxing cup of our delicious herbal tea, our Tribalene tablets can be the perfect solution. Just take a single tablet before every meal and one before bedtime.

We are currently offering both varieties of our Tribalene tablets at significant savings to our customers. If you want to save even more on each bottle, take advantage of our bi-weekly or monthly subscription service and save an additional 5%. That’s enough of a savings; you can feel good about giving both our formulas a try. Plus, by having Tribalene delivered to your home, you can stay safe in these uncertain times.


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