The Importance of a Daily Multivitamin

The Importance of a Daily Multivitamin

Today, almost everyone is concerned with their nutritional health. The signs of bad health are all around us and the news talks a lot about diseases and diet. While it’s important to pay more attention to the things we put into our bodies, it’s hard to know if what we are doing is good enough to live a healthy life.

Even if you think that you’re on a sensible, balanced, and healthy diet overall, it’s easy to miss important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs. That’s where taking a multivitamin every day fills the gaps.

Is Taking a Daily Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Necessary?

Multivitamin In recent years, there has emerged a great deal of conflicting information as to whether or not taking vitamins and mineral supplements are worth the time or expense. One study may indicate that it doesn’t make any difference at all one’s overall health while others insist that it can reduce the risk of some types of diseases that start becoming a concern as we get older.

In a study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the National Cancer Institute working in collaboration, researchers found that those participating in the study were 8% less likely to develop some forms of cancer. Men who participated in the study showed the greatest benefit from taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Researchers conducting the Brigham Young and NCI study also found that participants were less likely to develop cataracts when taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Dr. Howard Sesso, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, is quoted to have said the following about the subject:

“Multivitamin supplementation is low risk and low cost, and it helps to fill potential gaps in the diet that people might have. These are compelling reasons to consider taking a multivitamin for cancer and eye disease that should be discussed with your physician.”

Of course, it would be great if we could take a pill once a day, every day, and that would be all that was necessary to improve and maintain good health. However, because of how our bodies function, most of the daily vitamin supplements that are available on the market today don’t carry sufficient levels of essential nutrients that will last throughout the entire day that our bodies need. Appropriate levels of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, and B Complex can be used up halfway through the day depending on our health and lifestyle.

Where to Start When Considering Taking a Multivitamin

The Importance of a Daily MultivitaminBefore deciding whether including vitamin and mineral supplements to your daily routine is right for you, it’s important to discuss it with your physician or healthcare professional first. You will want to:

  • Be honest with your physician and yourself if your diet might be lacking in any way. Do you follow the recommended daily requirements each day and eating as well as you could be? Or are a few adjustments necessary?
  • Take into consideration your current medical condition and needs before choosing to take any supplement if you are currently taking other medications or have health conditions that may determine what type of multivitamin or herbal supplements might be of benefit.
  • Age and lifestyle matter. Someone who is over the age of 50, for example, will require different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than a woman who is pregnant. Everyone is different, so determining your body’s specific needs based is best determined when discussed with your doctor first.

At Sir Jason Winters International, we have found that to meet our body’s needs completely it’s important to have a high potency blend multivitamin that is designed to be taken with each meal.

Our Multivitamin and Mineral Formulas are formulated so that when they are taken at mealtime the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, your body needs are being replaced on a continual basis. This approach allows the most benefit while keeping up with your body’s natural metabolism.

Sir Jason Winters Multivitamin and Mineral Formula contains 90 tablets that are derived completely from food-based sources. Our proprietary blend consists of 42 different fruits and vegetables, wheatgrass, and spirulina. We’ve also added green tea, red raspberry and grape seed, herbs, and enzymes in our Multivitamin and Mineral Formula which act as powerful antioxidants. This makes it one of the most comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formulas that is available on the market today.

Here at Sir Jason Winters, we are offering our Multivitamin and Mineral Formula at substantial savings. A bottle of 90 tablets that is regularly priced at $24.95 is now being offered for just $12.75! You can save even more on your order when you take part in our convenient subscription service. Save an additional 5% on each bi-weekly or monthly order and give yourself the gift of good health every day.

Daily Vitamin Needs for Women

Women’s Formula Multivitamin.Medicine has long known that the nutritional needs of men and women are vastly different. That is why Sir Jason Winters is proud to offer our Women’s Formula Multivitamin.

This formula formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of women offers sustained release of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, magnesium, and zinc. To help women’s bodies break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and use them effectively, we have included digestive enzymes that can help women’s bodies assimilate and absorb them most effectively. Five tablets taken daily offers the kind of nutritional health specially formulated for women’s bodies.

Sir Jason Winters Women’s Formula Multivitamin regularly priced at $35.00 for 150 tablets, is also now available at real savings and priced at $15.75; or subscribe and save an extra 5% on each order that you place every other week or each month.

Making Vitamin Supplements More Convenient.

Royal Crest VitaminsSir Jason Winters International understands that it in today’s hectic world, it can be a bit of a challenge to remember which vitamins and supplements to take each day. That is why we are especially excited to offer our customers our Royal Crest Vitamins in an easy-to-remember daily packet.

Each supplement within the packet is formulated for sustained release and will meet your body’s needs throughout the day. Our Daily Vitamin Packet offers 128 powerful nutrients and offers a complete hi-potency vitamin and mineral supplementation. In each packet, you receive one capsule or tablet each of:

  • Beta Carotene (Vitamin A)
  • Super Be Complex 25
  • Buffered C-Complex 500
  • Vitamin E Complex 200
  • Bone Support Calcium
  • Nutritional Greens with Lutein
  • Vitamin B-12 500
  • Mineral Complex 500

Sir Jason Winters Royal Crest Vitamin Packs come in a convenient 30-day supply, regularly priced at $27.50, now available for just $13.50! Or you can choose to sign up for a subscription and enjoy additional savings of 5% off of each bi-weekly or monthly order.

Daily Multivitamin


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