Sir Jason Winters Tea Tested In the Laboratory

Report to the British Medical Association – Dr. Ian Pierce

A lot of news media attention has been given to a man named Jason Winters and his remarkable recovery from terminal cancer. When I visited him, he was already in good health, but grossly underweight. When he was sent home to die after being told that there was nothing more that could be done to help, Mr. Winters turned to herbs and prayer.

He contacted Lord Coggan, the most revered and right honorable Archbishop of Canterbury. Mr. Winters asked what herb he thought was mentioned in the Bible so many times for blood purification and good health. Lord Coggan did some research and informed Mr. Winters that the herb was quite possibly Red Clover which is a herb that has been used in Europe for centuries.

Jason had also heard from a Buddhist monk that Herbalene was very good for tumors. Jason also found that the American Indian people use herbs called Chaparral and Sage to cleanse the body.

After obtaining all three of these herbs from three continents, Mr. Winters was making a tea of each one separately which was time consuming as well as ineffective. It was only after mixing the herbs together that the effects of the combination were felt. Mr. Winters recovery was quite rapid and noticeable.

The news media had a field day with this story, it perked my interest and I finally talked with Mr. Winters. He gave me a sample of the mixed herbs and I had them tested in the laboratory. We found that the herbs are not a cure all, but merely purified the blood to such an extent that a person’s natural immune system starts working and the body has a chance to heal itself. These herbs would have the same effect on most illnesses.

The three quality tested herbs are gentle, but a highly effective influence on the body flushing out accumulated toxins, which allows the body to rebuild cells and return to a healthy state. The herbs are safe and effective with no side effects and work well with other medicines and therapies.

The problem is this – the news media, alternative health people and some religious persons insist on calling the “Jason Winters Herbal Tea” a cure all, and I must object to this. These herbs do not cure illness. They simply purify the blood and so, quite often, the body can heal itself. This idea is accepted by most health practitioners and is supported by Mr. Winters.

I have told Mr. Winters on numerous occasions that this is what God intended for all his people.

Dr. I. Pierce MD