Novogen to trial anti-cancer agent.

A POTENT anti-cancer agent had been discovered in an extract from RED CLOVER and had the potential to destroy breast and bowel cancer cells and leukemia, pharmaceutical developer Novogen said yesterday.
The active anti-cancer ingredient, a derivative of the genistein, one of four isoflavones, was also produced in the human liver, but Novogen would produce an anti-cancer drug from its patented strain of red clover, which is the richest source of isoflavones.

Executive Chairman Graham Kelly said patents had already been submitted in the United States to protect Novogen’s compound discovery and its anti-cancer applications.

Trials on the new compound would start in the first quarter next year. Dr. Kelly said genistein was known as a moderate anti-cancer agent, but the active ingredient discovered in genstein was much more powerful.

“We’ve just discovered what we think is the active principle. We’ve found one of them has an anti-cancer agent which is about 10 times more potent than genistein” he said.

In a separate development, Novogen’s managing director Christopher Naughton told the Securities Institute of Australia yesterday the company was considering listing on the New York Stock Exchange’s NASDAQ index to take advantage of U.S. investors.

“We are an Australian company and we intend to remain so,” he told an institute meeting. “But if we were to list in the U.S. and of course the imperative to do so is not immediate, it would be to recognize the value of the stage we are at for all shareholders.”

There were three ways to destroy cancer, said Dr. Kelly, with the traditional method involving the use of poisons, such as chemotherapy, but this also destroyed normal cells.

However, isoflavones caused the self-destruction of cancer cells. Known as apoptosis, this only selected cancer cells. Isoflavones caused cells to differentiate, converting the cancer cells into mature cells that eventually underwent apoptosis.

“What these isoflavones have been shown to do is to cause apoptosis and differentiation and that’s been well published in the scientific journals” Dr. Kelly said.

“The principal of what we’re doing is well established, It’s unarguable. What we’ve done is to find the active ingredient in the whole exercise”.

(as taken from the A.A.P. – Australian Associated Press).

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