Science proves that Native American people have been right for over six hundred years.

Nine months after the last atomic blast, which turned the test area into a barren desert, Scientists make a remarkable find. One small plant grows healthily where all else is dead. Intrigued by this, the scientists took the plant and the seeds to their laboratory for the utmost scrutiny.
What did they find?

The plant and seeds were loaded with a substance called NDGA. This ingredient not only protected the plant from Nuclear Radiation, but tests showed that it is a key to longer life for all living beings.

Chaparral contains NDGA.

In Sir Jason Winters Book, “Killing Cancer” first published in 1980, He found that the Native American people of the southwest used Chaparral every day for good health. Sir Jason used NDGA. in his valiant fight and recovery from terminal cancer.

Years ago, famous author John Heinerman published the following passage in his now famous book “Treatment of Cancer with Herbs”.

“Studies by Micro Biologist Emiliano Mora at Auburn University have demonstrated that an extract of Chaparral kills Malignant Cancer cells in test tubes. In experiments dating back to the 1960’s NDGA. has significant growth inhibiting activity against some animal tumors, though not against others.”

Jason Winters International is proud to present this up to date information which proves once again that ancient people, living close to God and to nature, had special knowledge that is only now being proven correct.

This barren desert is ground zero at the former Nevada atomic test site. Nine months after the last atomic blast, a small plant, native to the area, sprouted and flourished. Within this plant is a substance called NDGA, which protected its seeds from the nuclear radiation. Laboratory tests of NDGA showed it to be a key to a longer life for humans, plants and animals.

Dr. Lippmarr and his researchers visited this former atomic testing site to examine plants and animals that survived near ground zero even though they should have been killed by radiation poisoning. The seed from a native plant survived and sprouted. The plant was a common food source for many desert animals. NDGA, found in the plant, protected the seed and the animals that nibbled on the plant. Clinical studies show that NDGA extends the life spans of animals and indicates the same may be true for humans.

(as taken from a study by Dr. Lippman).

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