Cooking With Sir Jason Winters Tea

Recently, prominent Japanese chefs prepared some incredible dishes using Sir Jason Winters tea. Not only did the food look good, but the flavor was incredible!

While cooking with tea might seem like an unusual idea, it is actually a growing trend. With the right recipes, you can create delicious, healthy dishes that feature the flavors of tea! 

Green Tea Cooking Trends
Before you even begin cooking, think about the flavor of tea – For instance, green tea. It’s mild, but there’s enough flavor that it can perfectly complement the other ingredients. Green tea drinkers know this, so you can start to think about what types of dishes can benefit from an herbal blend or green tea infusions.

Perhaps the most common way to cook with green tea is by grinding up loose leaves, or using the pre-ground tea leaves found in a teabag, and combining them with other herbs. There’s no real set amount on how much to add to your meals – but just to be safe, you might want to stick to about ½ tablespoon. If you want more flavor you can always add more.

If you’re looking to create a healthy dish that features tea, mix your ground tea with herbs like basil, mint, chives, and cilantro. Combine this with white or brown rice to create the perfect side dish for any main course.

This type of blend can be added to other foods, too. Whenever you sprinkle herbs over your meal, you can always add in Green, Oolong or Herbal Tea.

When in doubt, just keep in mind that you want to use a tea that would pair well with the meal.

Green Tea Butter And Oil
An easy way to add green tea to most dishes is by steeping your favorite blend in melted butter. The butter will absorb all the flavors of the tea, and that flavor will be transferred to whatever you’re preparing. From here, you can apply the butter to just about any recipe – cookies, cake, bread and more, all with the added flavors of tea.

Here’s a recipe for green tea butter:

  • 1 bag of Sir Jason Winters Tea bags
  • 1 ½ tablespoons of warm, melted butter
  • Once blended, put it back in the refrigerator to cool off and create a green tea butter spread

You can easily do the same thing with oils that you use for cooking. One of our favorites is using green tea oil to prepare the perfect breakfast omelet!

Our recipe for green tea oil:

  • 1-2 bags of Sir Jason Winters Tea bags
  • 1 cup of oil (whichever type you prefer to cook with)
  • Let it steep in warm (not hot) oil for up to 10 minutes

Specialized Green Tea Drinks
Green tea infusions don’t stop with food! There are plenty of other drinks you can prepare that make use of your tea.

If you make healthy smoothies, green tea is the perfect addition. Just put some in the blender with your other favorite ingredients.

Green tea is also great for steeping into cocktails. It’s best to use bitter tasting alcohols like gin since the tea acts as a perfect complement, but you can always add it to your favorite cocktail. For maximum effect, you’ll want to steep the tea leaves in the cocktail for at least a few days. It takes some time, but the flavor is definitely worth it!

Lastly, it isn’t exactly a drink, but green tea soups can be a tasty spin on another soup you already enjoy. Just take any vegetable broth that you would normally use and add ground green tea to the mixture.

There really are endless ways that you can add green tea to foods and drinks. As green tea continues to grow in popularity around the world, expect to see more green tea recipes and meals popping up around you!

Stay tuned for future blogs with even more tasty recipes and ideas for using Sir Jason Winters tea!

These dishes below were made using Jason Winters Tea.



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