Green is For Luck, Red is For Health: A Brief Overview of the Amazing Red Clover

Will the wonders of nature ever cease? Take the red clover plant for example – who knew that this wild plant from Asia and Europe had medicinal benefits? For instance, it contains a number of nutrients that include vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, and calcium. What’s more, traditionally it’s been used to help women deal with menopause and remove toxins from the body.

Is your interest peaked yet? Come with us as we delve deep into the world of the red clover to get a better understanding of everything this powerful plant is touted to do.

About red clover

red-clover-mainAlthough commonly used to feed cows and other grazing animals, red clover has also been used to treat a number of conditions like skin inflammation (eczema, psoriasis, etc.), respiratory problems, whooping cough, and cancer. There are even some healthcare practitioners that praise red clover for its ability to purify the body, which it does by:
● Acting as a diuretic and helping the body get rid of excess fluid
● Expectorant benefits i.e. helps the body get rid of mucus
● Cleans the liver
● Improves circulation

Benefits of red clover

Modern scientific tests have also proven that red clover contains something called isoflavones; plant-based chemicals that act like estrogen in the body. These chemicals are the key to this plant’s ailment-destroying powers. In fact, the ones found in this plant are said to aid in a number of conditions including:

● Heart disease: The isoflavones found in red clover have been associated with an increase in HDL, or good cholesterol, in both pre- and postmenopausal women. Plus, in a study of menopausal women, the women who took red clover supplements had arteries that were stronger and more flexible. This is arterial compliance, which can help prevent heart disease. Red clover also has blood thinning properties that prevent clots from forming and improves blood flow.
● Menopause: Because of its estrogenlike effects, researchers believe that red clover can reduce menopausal symptoms, like night sweats and hot flashes.
● Osteoporosis: There have been a few studies that suggest red clover may possibly increase bone mineral density in both pre-and perimenopausal women.
● Cancer: Preliminary evidence in some studies suggest that the isoflavones in red clover may stop cancer cells from growing. It may also prevent some forms of cancer, like endometrial and prostate cancer.
● Other uses: Ointments made from red clover have been traditionally used to treat skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and other types of rashes. It’s also been used to provide cough relief for children. What’s more? Recent studies have shown that women may also gain psychological benefits from taking red clover.

How should I take it?
Red clover can be taken in a variety of forms that include:

● Liquid extract
● Capsules
● Tablets
● Pills
● Teas
● Extracts that contain specific isoflavone contents
● Ointment for topical skin application


By now you may be wondering how you can get your hands on this miracle plant. If so, have we got great news for you! Red clover is an essential ingredient in the amazing Jason Winter’s Formula and found in all our teas. Cheers to your health!

The Story of Sir Jason Winters

A personal look at the life of Sir Jason Winters as told by his son, Sir Raymond Winters & Raymond’s mother,  Lady Jeanette Winters.



5 Amazing (and Proven) Benefits of Green Tea

Everyone knows by now about the benefits of green tea. This amazing beverage is packed with nutrients and antioxidants which make it, arguably, the healthiest tea on the entire planet. What’s more? Many of green tea’s health benefits have been proven in human research studies.

Want proof? The following five proven benefits of green will help you get acquainted:

  1. The bioactive compounds in green tea improve overall health

green-teaThe active bioactive compounds in green tea are filled with polyphenols – like catechins and flavonoids – powerful antioxidants that minimize the formation of free radicals (contaminants proven to cause the formation of several diseases) in the body. It also contains EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, a powerful compound believed to provide relief from a variety of ailments.

  1. Want to get smarter? Drink green tea to improve brain function

One of the key active ingredients in green tea is caffeine, which everyone knows helps you stay awake. But, did you know that this stimulant can also make you smarter?

Indeed, numerous studies have shown that caffeine has the ability to improve various aspects of brain function, like awareness, mood, memory, and reaction time. And while green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee, it still has enough to increase alertness.

Green tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which increases the activity of GABA – an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has anti-anxiety effects. It also increases the production of alpha waves and dopamine in the brain.

  1. Need help with weight loss? Green tea helps you improve physical performance and helps your body burn fat.

Green tea has the ability to increase both the body’s metabolic rate and its ability to burn fat – this is probably one of the reasons that you’ll find it in the ingredients list of many weight loss supplements. Need more proof? Consider the following points:

  • In a study of ten healthy men, green tea was found to increase energy expenditure by 4%.
  • Another study shows that fat oxidation was increased by 70%, which indicates that this wonderful beverage may selectively increase fat burning.
  1. Green tea contains antioxidants that may lower the risk of certain types of cancer

green-herbal-tea-ghtResearch has proven that oxidative damage (caused by free radicals) helps to contribute to the development of cancer. But, did you know that antioxidants (which green tea is chock full of) seem to have a protective effect when dealing with certain types of cancer? For instance:

  • One study found that male green tea drinkers reduced their chances of developing prostate cancer by approximately 50%.
  • Another study found that female green tea drinkers reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by about 20%.
  • Furthermore, in another study – which was performed on approximately 70,000 Chinese women, green tea drinkers had an almost 60% lower risk of developing colorectal cancer.
  1. Green tea’s brain-protecting benefits may reduce your risk of developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s when you get older

Not only does green tea improve brain function in the short-term, it can offer protection as it ages as well. Most of us have heard about Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – two of the leading neurodegenerative diseases in humans. Well, there have been several studies that have shown that the chemical compounds in green tea can have various protective effect on the neurons in animal models and test tubes. In other words, green tea may have the potential to lower the risk of both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The Bottom Line
As you can see, green tea indeed has many proven health benefits that can significantly improve quality of life.Incorporate it into your lifestyle today to see how it can help you.

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A Legacy to Live up To

Picture, if you can, a man of greatness. Imagine, if you will, an individual possessed of a daring and most intrepid nature.

A man that crossed the Sahara desert by camel, that traveled over the Canadian Rockies by hot air balloon and – when not satisfied by this – sought to be the first man to traverse the Atlantic Ocean by hot air balloon. A man who was a Hollywood stuntman for over twenty years and when faced with death from terminal cancer, did not fade quietly into the night but instead rose up to the challenge and overcame it!

Raymond-WintersAnd after you’ve done all of that, now envision growing up in the presence of that very same man… a man celebrated by many as Sir Jason Winters.

A Birthright of Distinction

Very few of us have the privilege of growing up in the presence of the extraordinary. Of coming of age amidst the accomplishments of Sir Jason Winters. And while most of us may be content to bask in that warmth, few of us will choose to take the challenge and live up to that legacy.

But this is no ordinary person. This is Sir Raymond Winters.

A Life of Consequence

When Raymond Winters was appointed the head of Jason Winters International, his goal was to not only preserve the legacy of his father, but to expand on it. He has exemplified the traits epitomized by Jason Winters and through his work, he seeks to make a difference in the world. He endeavors to impact the lives of other via words of faith and wisdom. He strives to remind others that there is always hope.

Proof of Prominence

To declare a life of prominence is perhaps facile. But to actually accomplish it is another matter. Sir Raymond Winters has more than fulfilled this promise.

  • International Education: His edification was accomplished in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England.
  • Military Training: Basic Training was done at CFTB Cornwallis in Cornwallis Nova Scotia. TQ3 Training @Sarcee Barracks LdSH RC , Calgary Alberta
  • Military Service: Armored Regiment CFB Calgary Sarcee Barracks. Calgary Alberta Canada.
  • Knighthood: Sir Raymond Winters was knighted in Casa Bernard, Malta in February of 2010.
  • Awards: Hereditary Knight Commander / Samaritan of the Order / Grand Hospittaler / International Head of Commander.
  • Martial Arts Training: First Degree Black – in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Black Belt In Judo from Sergio Penha – world famous 7th degree Black Belt.

A Bequest of Importance

Raymond-Winters-2For Raymond Winters, it is not enough to just live up to a legacy. The true measure of such an inheritance is to ensure that it blooms forth and flourishes. Raymond Winters carries on the work of his esteemed father. He sustains the belief that the healing arts, both orthodox and unorthodox, can restore our bodies, alleviate our suffering and enhance our lives. The products his father spearheaded continue to be created with the utmost attention and with the best raw ingredients.

A strong immune system is the cornerstone of good health and a long life. And to achieve that, Raymond Winters is committed to offering the best service, the best products, and the best support.

“It is our obligation to ensure that we remain healthy so the choices we make reflect the life we will lead. It is important that we look after ourselves psychically and emotionally-  So never… never let any one stop you from training… or trying to achieve a goal, fitness or otherwise.”

A legacy we should all be proud to live up to.

Sir Jason Winters

The Amazing Life of Sir Jason Winters: 1967 and 1968

Life before his terminal cancer diagnosis was full of adventure for Sir Jason Winters. He loved challenging himself and, as such, embarked on dangerous journeys over air, sea, and/or land, visited exotic countries – he even tried his hand in Hollywood, performing death-defying stunts that thrilled the masses.

But, don’t take our word for it – check out these two brief stories to help you gain some insight into the life of this amazing man.

Traveling up the Great McKenzie River in a canoe in 1967

JasonTo commemorate the Canadian Centennial, Jason Winters was asked to celebrate in spectacular fashion. As such, he and a friend decided to travel up the great MacKenzie River, the seventh largest river on the entire planet. He and his companion would traverse the river in a canoe until they arrived at the Arctic Ocean – a journey of approximately 2,000 miles!

In the beginning, the trip was rather uneventful – except for the pair being constantly bitten by insects. But, things soon became exciting when a great North storm came along and damaged the canoe.

Bombarded by torrential rains and powerful winds, the craft began to fill up with water quickly. Soaking wet and tired, the two men paddled ashore onto a beach many miles from civilization, with no discernible trails or route to follow.

With no hope in sight, Jason built a fire in the cave and the two men prepared for death to take them. Thankfully, three days later, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police helicopter saw the smoke and came to the rescue. He strapped the canoe to his aircraft and flew the two filthy men to a secret exploration camp, where they were greeted like brothers, fed, and put to bed.

When the pair woke up, it was to a fully repaired canoe, courtesy of their generous hosts. They were returned to the exact spot on the beach where they were found and the pair continued their journey. Eventually, they were able to reach their destination successfully and Jason Winters became a household name in Canada.

Crossing the Canadian Rocky Mountains in 1968

Just a year later, in 1968, we find Mr. Winters training with the Department of Transportation to obtain a balloonist pilot license. This feat had never been done before and he wanted to be the first person to travel across the Rockies in a hot air balloon. Finally, after training for weeks, Sir Jason Winters was able to receive his license.

Once he set out on his trip, Sir Jason Winters soon discovered why no one else had ever tried to travel across the Rockies in such a manner. His poor balloon was tossed to and fro. He dealt with drafts that lifted the balloon up to heights of 14,000 feet, before dropping it down so it scraped the tops of mountains.

Another time, while traveling at around 8,000 feet, the balloon began to free fall and was beset by a freak wind, which caused the balloon to crash and Sir Jason Winters to be knocked unconscious for at least an hour. Once he regained consciousness, he walked for 3 hours until he was spotted by a local man, who took him to a hotel in High River where he was treated like a king. In the meantime, his balloon was fixed by a local seamstress and in two days he was able to set off on his scheduled trip.

image4As you can see, Sir Jason Winters was indeed a remarkable man who lived a life that many find enviable today. And now, with the Sir Jason Winters tea collection, you too can benefit from his experiences. Every sip will not only improve your well-being, their delicious flavors will also transport you to another world and time. Don’t wait, try one of his selections today and experience the delicious sensations for yourself.

Is Your Body Getting Enough Vitamin D3 To Stay Healthy?

The human body is a complex machine, wouldn’t you agree? It needs a daily intake of vitamins, minerals, protein, sugar and other nutrients to stay in optimal health. One of those vital nutrients is the infamous vitamin D3.

vitamin-D3Vitamin D3 has long been associated with sun exposure. Getting enough natural sunlight can increase levels of Vitamin D3 in the human body. However, the media, and even medical professionals, discourage people from spending too much time in the sun because of the damage it can do to the skin. This can greatly affect the body’s ability to produce vitamin D3.

The levels of vitamin D3 for optimal health differ by age. The United States Institute of Medicine recommends a dietary allowance of as little as 400 iu/day for infants and as much as 700 iu/day for seniors older than 71.

Vitamin D3 benefits the entire body and without a proper amount, people can suffer from Rickets, Osteomalacia, hormone problems and muscle pain and weakness.

Deficiencies are caused by lack of natural sunlight and an inadequate diet. Vitamin D deficiencies are more common in the elderly, children and some studies show those with darker skin pigmentation might be more at risk for a vitamin D3 deficiency.

What are the benefits of vitamin D3?
Vitamin D3 plays an important role within the entire body. It’s estimated that nearly 3,000 genes in the body depend, at least in part, on vitamin D3 for proper functioning. This doesn’t include the fact that just about every tissue in the body (more than just skin) has Vitamin D3 receptors and need this vital nutrient to function efficiently.

Vitamin D3 is widely known to help keep our bones strong and healthy. This is because vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium, a common mineral that our bones need. If calcium can’t be absorbed correctly, then bones can become weak and brittle.

More and more studies are showing that Vitamin D3 has more benefits than keeping our bones healthy. Here are a few ways vitamin D3 might help us fight cancer:

  • Slowing production of cancer cells
  • Slowing spread of cancer cells
  • Helps destroy cells that have become mutated (these cells can become cancerous)

Further, vitamin D is thought to help with preventing dementia, type 2 diabetes and even age-related macular degeneration.

Vitamin D deficiency still a problem
Even in our modern world people are still suffering from vitamin D3 deficiency. This is because we’re spending more time indoors (working, surfing the internet, watching television etc.) and less time outside getting the proper amount of sunlight.

And while some food is often fortified with vitamin D3 (milk, for example), it’s not nearly enough to meet the recommended daily allowance. A good vitamin D3 supplement can make up for this deficiency without any major changes in lifestyle.

Sir Jason Winters’ vitamin D-1,000 supplement contains 1,000 iu to help maintain healthy vitamin D levels in your body. Each bottle has 250 softgels that are designed for easy absorption. Don’t let low vitamin D levels put your health in danger. Order today at our online store.

Why Are Sir Jason Winters’ Books A Must-Read This Summer?

Sir Jason Winters is a man of many talents. Not only did he come up with the formula for a tea that helped him overcome terminal cancer, but he has also authored several books to share his valuable knowledge with the rest of the world. These books range from autobiographical to his travels searching for secret ancient remedies that have been hidden from the world.

The following books by Sir Jason Winters offer the insights and wisdom of a man who has dedicated his life to helping others.

The Sir Jason Winters Story: Killing Cancer

Killing-CancerGetting the news that you have cancer can be one of the most devastating things a doctor can tell you. Sir Jason Winters found out that he didn’t just have cancer, he had terminal cancer. The doctors didn’t expect him to live more than three months. Instead of giving up and accepting his fate, Sir Jason Winters embarked on the most important quest of his life. Literally. He was determined to find a natural remedy that could help him beat this deadly disease.

This book sets the stage for the rest of Sir Jason Winters’ life. Here, he details his cancer diagnosis and the journey it took him on. He talks about finding the different herbs for his tea, what makes those herbs so special and his remission from his illness. He also offers tips for people to apply so they can live longer and healthier.

In Search of The Perfect Cleanse

Perfect-CleanseNot one to remain idle for long, Sir Jason Winters wrote his second book. This takes the readers from the glitzy lights of Las Vegas to the secluded mountains of Tibet, the tropical sun of the Bahamas and several other places as he continues his search for knowledge about ancient health remedies and how legends from the past can help ease whatever ails people today.

This book provides readers with an easy-to-understand guide to ancient remedies that will help cleanse everything from the colon to the mind.

Breakthrough In Search of an Australian Legend: Miracle Healing Oil of the Ages

breakthroughThis book tells readers about the healing properties of Melaleuca oil. Melaleuca oil, also known as tea tree oil, is found in certain parts of Australia. It is widely used as in different topical ointments and salves because it can help heal conditions such as acne, dandruff and even lice.

What If – Reflections of My Father’s Life

This is the one book not written by Sir Jason Winters, rather, it’s written by his son, Sir Raymond Winters. Sir Raymond takes the reader on an action-packed adventure that was his father’s life.

What-If-1The book begins during the tumultuous post-World War 2 era in England and describes in vivid detail a trip down 1,000 miles on the MacKenzie River in a canoe. The reader also gets to ride along as Sir Jason Winters tries to become the first Canadian to cross the Atlantic Ocean by a balloon. While those two stories could fill several adventure novels, the story doesn’t end there. Sir Jason Winters also worked as a human crash test dummy by literally crashing cars into brick walls to test seat belts.

But despite all those adventures and tales, Sir Jason Winters faced his greatest challenge at the age of 46 when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and when he began his journey to find a way to beat the disease.

These books offer more than just an education

All these books are not only education, but they’re also inspirational. Sir Jason Winters overcame many odds and defied death many times – it’s impossible not to be inspired by him.

Find out for yourself why Sir Jason Winters has been an inspiration to all who read about him and the adventures that lead to his many world renowned teas and products.

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Why Vitamin C Is So Healthy and Other Common Questions

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that seems to pack a lot of punch inside the human body. This means that the body uses vitamin C in many different ways to stay healthy and function efficiently. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is found naturally in many different foods, including most fruits and vegetables.

How much vitamin C do people need?
In the United States, it is recommended that the average healthy adult male should consume about 90 mg of vitamin C per day. The average healthy adult female, on the other hand, should have a recommended daily intake of about 75 mg per day. The National Academy of Science in the United States suggests 2,000 mg is the upper limit for a healthy adult male.

Vitamin CWhat are the benefits of vitamin C?
Vitamin C has long been associated with reducing the duration and severity of the common cold. Some research suggests that because vitamin C plays an important role in our immune system, it might help in the prevention of certain cancers. Vitamin C is also thought to:

  • Prevent cataracts
  • Protect against heart disease
  • Decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Helps repair and regenerate tissue

When the body does not get enough vitamin C, the effects can range from mild to serious. Some of the more common effects of vitamin C deficiency include bleeding gums, fatigue and muscle weakness. If there’s a severe vitamin C deficiency, then serious illness like scurvy can occur.

Is it possible to overdose on vitamin C?
Too much of anything, even things considered healthy, can have an adverse affect on our health. If one’s sole source of vitamin C is through a well-balanced diet and natural supplements, and taken in the recommended dose, then it’s thought to be generally safe. On rare occasions, too much vitamin C can nausea, vomiting and heartburn. However, because vitamin C is water soluble, most excess is not absorbed and simply discarded in the urine.

Why you should choose Sir Jason Winters vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C offers so many benefits in regards to health that taking a supplement can improve one’s quality of life. Sir Jason Winters vitamin C supplements come in easy-to-digest tablets. The tablets are specially formulated to release the vitamin C over time, making it easier for the body to absorb. Most supplements on the market release their vitamins all at once, making it tough for the body to absorb the nutrients efficiently. Sir Jason Winters vitamin C supplements are designed to prevent this problem.

Each bottle includes 100 tablets of 1000 mg vitamin C which are made from all natural ingredients. Buy your vitamin C supplements today and start enjoying all the health benefits they offer.


What Makes Sir Jason Winters’ Tea So Unique? It’s All In The Herbs

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries in different parts of the world to treat everything from minor injuries to serious illness. Every herb has a different effect on the human body. Sometimes, different herbs are combined into powerful mixtures for maximum results. While Sir Jason Winters didn’t pioneer the use of herbal remedies, he did formulate a tea from three herbs that, by themselves didn’t help him very much, but when mixed together they have strong cancer-fighting properties.

Two unique tea blends, same great health benefits

Sir Jason Winters’ special herbal tea includes two blends; the original and the classic. Both blends offer the same healthy benefits you’d expect from any Sir Jason Winters product. The first blend, also called the Original Blend is made from three herbs, chaparral, red clover and herbalene. The other blend, called the Classic Blend uses sage, red clover and herbalene.

The use of these herbs dates back centuries, and in some cases, before the time of Christ. So when Sir Jason Winters went searching for a way to treat his deadly form of cancer, he did so with the help of the combined knowledge of all the herbalists that came before him.

A closer look at the herbs reveal why they are so powerful. The following are descriptions of each herb that goes into Sir Jason Winters’ Original Blend and Classic Blend teas.

Red clover

Red clover, also known as trifolium pratense, can be found in much of the world, either as a native plant or successfully transplanted. This herb has many uses, including everything from treating skin burns and sores to relieving cold symptoms, such as coughs and chest wheezing. What makes red clover so effective in treating so many maladies? It contains silica, choline, calcium and lecithin, all in very small amounts. Each one of those are essential for the human body to function properly.

Indian sage

Known as one of North America’s first medicinal plants, Indian sage contains so many vitamins and minerals that it can be considered a complete herbal on its own. This includes vitamin A and C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium – and this is just a partial list.

Indian sage is a great immune booster, helping the body fight off infections and cancerous cell growth. In addition, this herb can also help with intestinal/digestive issues and act as a blood cleanser. It’s no wonder that Sir Jason Winters decided to include this herb in his tea.

Herbalene (oriental spice)

This “tonic” comes from the ancient Chinese, who used as an immune boosting therapy treatment. By itself, having a strong immune system can help to prevent a lot of diseases because the body can fight off infection more efficiently and effectively.

Sir Jason Winters had his herbal tea tested and discovered that herbalene boosted the effectiveness of the other two herbs.


This herb grows naturally in many different places throughout North America. It’s uses go back to Native Americans, who used it to help relieve ailments such as: cold symptoms, bowel cramps, chronic skin disorders and more. Chaparral can be used both internally, like in our teas, or externally as a skin salve.

As early as 1959 the National Cancer Institute received reports from cancer patients about how this herb has helped them fight their disease. Sir Jason Winters included chaparral in his herbal tea remedy both because it helps cancer patients, and because it can benefit the entire body, even in those who are healthy.

Try it for yourself!

Now that you know a little more about the herbs that make up Sir Jason Winters’ famous tea, it’s time to try it for yourself. After all, experiencing its healing effects on your body and mind is much more effective than just reading about the tea’s ingredients.

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Debunking The Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamin Myths

What are vitamins good for? A lot of things, actually. Our bodies use many different types of vitamins to help us maintain healthy eyesight, strong immune function and overall good health. Having a vitamin deficiency can lead to all sorts of different problems, ranging from minor ailments to death.

But not all vitamins are created equal. When you go to your local vitamin store or visit the vitamin section of the supermarket, there are so many choices it’s hard to even know where to start. For example, if you’re looking for a vitamin C supplement, you might find a dozen different types of vitamin C formulas to choose from. How do you decide?

Natural vs. synthetic vitamins

There are a lot of myths in the world of natural remedies. And no myth is more debated than the question if a supplement is natural or synthetic. This problem stems from the fact that a vitamin can be called “natural” with as little as 5% of the supplement being derived from natural sources (this is from the Food and Drug Administration). The result is that despite what the bottle label says, you’re still consuming up to 95% synthetic chemicals that are included in the supplement.

What’s the problem with a synthetic vitamin? Vitamin C is Vitamin C (for example), regardless of the source, right? Wrong. The body can tell the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins. This can be seen in how the body absorbs the vitamin.

For example, synthetic fat soluble vitamins can build up in the fat tissue, increasing your risk of toxicity. These supplements are highly concentrated, meaning your body is getting much, much more of the vitamin than you’d get through natural sources, like from your food. This means you might have the opposite problem of toxicity – your body might expel too much of the good stuff, making the vitamin supplement worthless. In other words, you just wasted your money.

Why are synthetic supplements produced?

A lot of nutrition companies manufacture synthetic vitamins for one simple reason: it saves them money. And with such relaxed requirements to use the “natural” label, companies are going to take advantage of that to improve their bottom line.

This is where Sir Jason Winters supplements stand out from the competition. Our herbal teas and supplements are manufactured using natural sources, allowing the body to absorb them more efficiently and safely than their synthetic counterparts.

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