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Golden Lion, Xian, & Red Clover Enzymes

Jason Winters Red Clover Enzyme RED CLOVER ENZYME

Aids In Proper Digestion

Enzymes are necessary for the digestion of food, releasing valuable vitamins and minerals which keep us alive and healthy.

Digestion is a continuous chemical process of the simplification of food. The food is split by enzymatic action into simpler chemical fragments which can then be absorbed through the walls of the digestive tract. Pancreatic enzymes are very potent as the larger part of the pancreas manufactures and secretes juices which contain some of the most potent digestive enzymes: Lipases, which split fats; Protases, which split protein; and Amylases, which split starches.

These digestive enzymes are among the best found anywhere.

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Jason Winters XIAN XIAN


Legend states that Xian renews your vitality, brings contentment and relieves despair.

The Tibetans informed Sir Jason that when Bayan of a Thousand Eyes came out of Mongolia leading his great army, many of them were sick and wounded from the continuous battles across the continent.

Once arriving in the ancient capital of Xian, they were amazed to see so many residents of very old age. Evidently the physicians gave each citizen an herbal combination each day to ensure their health and strength.

When the wounded soldiers started taking this special formula, they gained strength quickly and soon became healthier than ever before.

According to legend, these soldiers lived to a very old age. The ancient Tibetans also told Sir Jason, "This Xian herb mixture allows men to enjoy sexual intercourse well over the age of 100 years of age, and keeps their minds active and alert."

It also allows women to remain beautiful, feminine and above all, content into very old age.

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Jason Winters Golden Lion GOLDEN LION

Prostate Health

The herbal combination found in Golden Lion formula for men may give a man the "prowess" he enjoyed in his youth, along with defending the body from maladies which men are susceptible.

The Story Of Golden Lion: As told to Sir Jason Winters...

He walked into the village in 1066. He was a giant of a man with golden hair and tan. India had never seen his like before. He was an herbalist and adventurer. He stayed twelve years, teaching and inspiring others. When he left he had fathered 18 children. He was then over seventy years of age.

Many years later, he arrived in a small town in Central China where he also taught and counseled the people. When he left he had fathered 17 children even though he was almost ninety. So fine and strong was he that the people called him "Golden Lion."

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