About Sir Raymond Winters

Sir Raymond Winters - Owner & President:
Jason Winters International Inc. / sirjasonwinters.com

Mission Statement:

* To run sirjasonwinters.com in the most efficient and professional manner.
* To protect and preserve the legacy of Sir Jason Winters.
* To produce the SJW Products and provide them in a timely manner.
* To ensure the quality of the SJW Products.
* To provide the products worldwide to individual customers.
* To provide current, correct and up to date information on SJW products.

Primary & Secondary Education:
Educated in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England.

CCSN and UNLV, Las Vegas NV.

Military Service:
Basic Training - CFTB Cornwallis, Cornwallis Nova Scotia.

TQ3 Training 3 RCHA Royal Canadian Horse Artillery CFB Shilo, Manitoba.

TQ3 Training Ld SH RC Lord Strathcona Horse - Amoured Regiment CFB Calgary Sarcee Barracks. Calgary Alberta Canada.

3 RCHA Canadian Armed Forces, CFB Shilo MN Ld SH RC Canadian Armed Forces CFB Calgary AB.

Raymond Served in the same regiment as his father. Sir Jason 1948-1951. Raymond 1977-1980. The LDSH RC web site http://www.strathconas.ca

Raymond also served in the artillery but soon transferred to the same regiment that his father served with. Raymond worked with the ferret scout car, Armored Personnel Carrier, APC.

Like his father Raymond attained high ratings with the small arms weapons used in the army, Browning 9 MM and the SMG Sub Machine Gun, as well as the Belgium made FNC 1 7.62 MM Rifle.

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