Death Begins In The Colon


The local Canton, China, newspapers that day were all asking, “Who is this tall American who is in our country to teach us about herbs?” I could hardly blame them. For thousands of years the Chinese have been leaders in herbology, and now here I was, with what must have looked like great audacity, going on national television to teach them.

Now, I was used to talking to small audiences on local TV and radio shows, but when the director said that this show had over 20 million viewers, I started to become nervous. Especially so, because I had to speak through an interpreter.

“I was privileged to be the first Westerner invited to speak on health in China, so I knew that I had to do a good job.”

The show lasted for two hours and was taped for broadcast in Vladivostok, Beijing, and Shanghai. It was very successful. One question was asked constantly by the Chinese, and that is the reason for this article.

Everyone wanted to know more about the colon. True, people worldwide were using my Jason Winters Herbal Tea on a daily basis. But many had read my book The Perfect Cleanse, where it says that death begins in the colon, and they had become aware of the importance of a clean colon.

When I was doing research for my book The Perfect Cleanse, I spoke with Dr. Vanita Forsyth, a chiropractor and an authority on colon health. Dr. Forsyth explained to me exactly what causes poor colon health:

“Let’s visualize the following scenario: You have a perfect bowel, you are on a perfect diet. Once in a while you ingest something that is harmful.

“In order to protect itself, the body causes mucus to be formed in the colon long before the harmful food or substance reaches there.”

“The substance reaches the colon 18 hours later. The mucus has been prepared by the body, and is lining the colon so you won’t absorb the poison when it gets there, so it literally coats the poison. Later, the substance breaks down and is discharged from the colon with no harmful effect. Well, you got away with it that time. Nature’s protective mechanism functioned properly. So you do it more often."

“Four times today, you ingested mucus-forming foods. Most of which are also low in fiber. The mucus is secreted four times today to protect you against what you just ate and drank and smoked. So, you do this every day of your life. The mucus keeps forming. But every day you try to eat something raw, one apple or orange or salad; maybe this helps."

"But 85% to 90% of everything you eat is going to cause mucus to be formed. The mucus lining the bowels thickens."

“Nature’s protective mechanism, which was designed for occasional use only, is being forced to work continuously day after day, year after year, with no rest and no chance to eliminate the mucus which is being laid down faster than it can be eliminated. Layer piles upon layer, like the rings of a tree.” Dr. Forsyth explained that this can become so severe that almost no opening is left for the waste to pass through the colon at all.

“An autopsy of one person revealed a colon that was nine inches in diameter that had a passage through it no larger than a pencil.”

Another autopsy showed a stagnant colon that weighed 40 pounds. This accumulation can have the consistency of tire rubber. It’s hard and black.

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of a clean colon. I had been very disenchanted with the great surge of colon cleansers on the American market over the last few years. Some are mediocre and some are downright useless. This is why I developed my Jason Winters Colon Cleanser. Just mix the powder with water or your favorite juice, and you'll be amazed at the results!

Before I tell anyone about a product, I try it myself first. So I mixed one teaspoonful into a glass of juice and drank it quickly, before it jelled. To my surprise, it worked in 12 hours.

“I continued to use it every day for one month and I was amazed at how all the poisons and decaying matter just kept coming out.”

It has been said that traces of our first meal on earth can still be found in our colon. While that may be an exaggeration, I do know that rotting food and decaying fecal matter can be found in the colon that is at least five years old. It lodges in the accumulated mucus and just rots. Wrong diet, stress, and constipation just make matters worse. When we turn our sewage system into a cesspool, it’s no wonder we don’t feel well.

As far as I’m concerned, the first thing any doctor or practitioner should ask a patient is, “How regular are you?” Too many of them say that having a bowel movement once every two days is alright. Well, it is not.

A normal bowel movement should be two inches across and two feet long. You say that this is not possible, that this has never happened to you? Then I invite you to see for yourself. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that at last you are doing something perfectly natural and harmless, something that is getting you back on the road to good health. But most satisfying of all is using a product where you can see almost immediate results. There are not too many products like that around today, are there? Good luck and good health to all my friends in America.