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What If Book

"What If" - Reflections of My Father's Life
By Sir Raymond Winters

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"What If" is the incredible true life story of Sir Jason Winters. From WWII ravaged England, to the deserts of the American Southwest. Over 1,000 miles down the Mackenzie River by canoe. Across the Canadian Rocky Mountains by hot air balloon. He was the first Canadian to attempt the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by balloon and tested seat belts by smashing cars through brick walls in New Zealand. Sir Jason had many adventures, and then came the biggest test of all - Terminal Cancer at age 46. His epic struggle led him on a worldwide search for help that ultimately saved his life.

This book is a deeply personal look at Sir Jason's life and death struggle and his will to survive.

The author, Sir Raymond Winters, was educated in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He served in the same regiment in the Canadian Armed Forces as his father, worked alongside him for over 20 years building an international herbal tea company, and knighted in Malta into the same Order as his father…

Now, read the true life story of Sir Jason Winters beautifully written by his son.

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  • 168 pages....ISBN 1885026-16-1

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Killing Cancer

The Sir Jason Winters Story: Killing Cancer

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First published in 1980, this is the same "Killing Cancer" book, authored by Sir Jason Winters and Benjamin Roth-Smythe.

Careful steps were taken not to alter the words of Sir Jason Winters in this updated version. This book chronicles the extraordinary life of Sir Jason Winters. A terminal cancer patient given just three months to live, Jason Winters refused major surgery and traveled the world in search of an herbal remedy. He experienced remission and in this book shares his experiences for the benefit of cancer patients and others seeking to avoid this dreaded illness.

The book "KILLING CANCER" has changed the lives of people all over the world. More than 13 million copies printed in 15 languages, it could be The Most Popular Book On Health Ever Written!

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  • 112 pages....ISBN 1885026-11-0

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Perfect Cleanse Book

In Search of the Perfect Cleanse

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At Last... Travel with the author to a distant monastery in Tibet. At 52 Sir Jason Winters was fifty years younger than the youngest person there! Replaces all the thousands of self-help books that just did not work. Cleanse the mind, nerves, blood, cells, colon, simply and easily. Learn about your weaknesses according to your birth sign and the herb especially for you!

It is responsible for one of nature's greatest feats, which is harnessing solar energy and converting it into plant nutrition.

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  • 174 pages... ISBN 1886026-15-3

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil-In Search Of An Australian Legend

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Legend turns in to fact as we rediscover the miracle oil of the ages. Sir Jason Winters searches through Australia to get all the facts. He finds that the Aborigines have known for ages a very potent secret. Read for yourself. .

  • 65 pagss....ISBN 1885026-01-3

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Killing Cancer - Kindle Edition
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- Sir Jason Winters Story
- What If

- Sir Jason Winters Story
- What If

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- Sir Jason Winters Story
- What If